Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rescue Me

So I mentioned in an earlier post that the kids would be taking swimming lessons......that is what we've been busy with this past week.  Well, that is ONE thing we have been busy with this past week. Seems we've been overloaded here lately.....and that seems to be the norm for most families this time of year, am I right? 

My two oldest, T & H, have been hanging out in the shallow pool.  They are actually doing great there, with the possibility of moving over to the deeper area (ya know..big stuff where they can't touch)! This is big!! Really, it is, big for them and big for me......cause we are all non-swimmers!!! :/ Embarrassed here.....yep, I never learned how to swim, couldn't save myself if I wanted to, but I want my kids to learn to swim & have no fear of the water.   So far, all three are doing better than me. :)

Is she not absolutely gorgeous??? Just LOVE this girl!

Another lil' cutie patootie! :)

This was the best 'pose' I could get....he was too busy asking the life guards, "Can you do this?"

I managed to get several more good shots of my lil fish while they were playing in the water.  They were having fun playing, I mean, swimming, while I was having fun, snapping pics for my blog!  It was a win/win! :)  SCORE! 

Hunter taking a dunk.

My right hand, Shay, went along and helped out.  She is SUCH a sweetheart! I <3 that girl! :)

Weston "abusing" Sutton, one of the life guards. :) He loved pouring water over her head but wouldn't let her return the favor.....not quite fair is it? 

Tinsley just coming back up from a dunk.

Today is our last day of swimming lessons. :(   We are sad about we should actually have 2 days left.......but we just have too many irons in the fire, as the saying goes. gives me yet ANOTHER great story to blog about.  Tomorrow, we venture out on another exciting expedition.........I just can't tell you what it is......I want to, but I just can't.  You'll have to come back in a few days and check it out yourself.  :) I PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed!  Especially if you have even a tiny bit 'o country in your soul! I'll be snappin' pics & recording video & doin' it all & not sure how I'm doin' it all ----- all at the same time! WHEW!!!!! I just said that all in one breath! And now I'm outta breath & I'm gonna go rest up before our last swim lesson........

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