Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach?? Well, it was for a few days this past week for the Moffatt family at least...most of the Moffatt family that is.  :( Poor hubby was hard at it working, while we were playing.  Not quite fair.  There is just no talking him into taking a break though, he's a hard working man and there's no nonsense when it comes to work, I won't argue with off we this place:

Now I had to explain to my 8 year old daughter why I had to take 'that' picture......when we've been past 'that' sign millions of times in the past and I've never took a picture of it before.  It's all about the blogging baby doll, it's all abut the blogging.  I'm pretty sure I got an eye roll....pretty sure......she'll understand some day. :)

We ended up going two days in a row to this little getaway close to home and came home with a nice big sunburn. Did I say nice? I meant, O-U-C-H! I think Tinsley and I got the worst of it, even though I made sure to lather on tons of sunscreen several times during the day, we still got it. Weston looks like the little blonde haired baby on the suncreen bottle, with the line right at his waist, I giggled when I saw it with the bright white bottom and the reddish-tan back. Hunter will have that little farmers tan since he opts to wear a rash guard shirt when he swims....wonder if he will change his mind when he sees his tan lines? ;)

Gonna post a few of my favorites from our past few days on the 'beach' :)

His 'seaweed' fish ;)

Gonna have that farmers tan ;)

Such a good big sister!

Such a lil ham!

Struttin' his stuff

My baby girl... :)

Can you believe I got them together for a group photo??

Getting ready to build her castle :)

We had a GREAT 2 days playing at the beach! You can tell from the pictures. We played, played & played some more. We brought home more sand than mommy cared to bring home, but that tends to happen. Our 'beach' is never that crowded....but we managed to run into some out of towners from the New England states, which I thought was so funny. Folks from way out yonder........way out here in our lil part of no where.....makes you woner how they ever ended up here. They had 2 boys the same age as Hunter and they all hit it off real well.

We're planning on more beach days before summer is over....we just can't wait!  This is one family who loves to spend time in the water....but we need to fine tune the swimming first. Yes, that's right, so we are going to work on swimming lessons next a matter of fact, starting TOMORROW! :)   So guess what I'll be blogging about next? ;) I see more water pics in my blogs future!

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