Friday, June 17, 2011

Go Horse! Indianapolis Colts Fever - WE GOT IT!

Yesterday, the kids and I picked up and headed out the door for short trip....(fooled you didn't I?) to our local high school to meet up with the Indianapolis Colts Fan Fest that the French Lick Resort put on. What an awesome show it was!  

We started out the door a little early so we could grab a quick bite to eat and within 5 minutes, Weston was asleep.  It's a good thing we left early-early :) I did this on purpose because I knew he missed his nap and I knew he would be........hmmm......let's just say, GROUCHY......especially out in that sun, with no shade. So we drove around awhile, enjoying the scenery.  That is something we like to do.  This time of year we like to drive around and look for turtles.......I know, I know, I am getting off the subject, but that is what we were doing.  We "rescue" them.  I've lost count of how many we've found this year alone. 

We finish sightseeing and decide to make our way into town and to find a place to eat. The DQ.  Kids got their food........Weston is still sleeping.  We ran into some friends from church as we were getting ready to leave, told them about the Fan Fest and as we were getting ready to walk out, Weston wakes from his slumber, so I grab one more Kids Meal, (with fries & the red Artic Rush....only the healthy food choices ya know) and we rush out the door.  We pull into the parking lot at the school and I'm surprised to find an empty spot.  I start looking around thinking I'm getting ready to get punked, someone will run out and start yelling at me or some little foreign car will zip in get the parking park before I can get my boat in the parking spot.  I double, it's not handicap parking.  I'm ok.  I even have time to back in.  Wow......God is smiling down on me today :) Life is good.

Kids, check. Keys, check. Camera, check. Phone, check. Ok, I think we are ready to go!  We got there just in time.  Jessie Brown was just taking the stage.  She is a newcomer and man is she good!  Weston LOVED her! He wanted to dance so bad.  He is my lil dancer.  He loves to break out and cut loose, you never know what he will do or when he will do it, he has his own style........and I swear his dad has taught him because he did NOT get it from me. I do not dance like that. No, nope, do not, but it is wayyyyyy cute. I'm not sure how it would look if daddy was dancing like that though. Anyhow.  The singer, back to the singer. Her name is Jessie Brown. Her & the band did an awesome job!
She sang some of her own songs, some of the ones we know and love that never get old.....and she did an awesome job too.  I especially loved her can never go wrong while wearing a Peyton Manning jersey, jean shorts and cowboy boots. A+ in the fashion department :) Jessie!!

While being serenaded by the lovely Jessie Brown, we were standing in a long, long, very long line, in the hot, hot, very hot sun...........would it be rude to mention that I was stuck (oh gosh this is going to be rude but I just can't help it) I was stuck in the middle of a GAG-ME-SOMEONE-FORGOT-TO-WEAR-DEODORANT-ARM-PIT-I'M-GOING-TO-THROW-UP-LORD-HELP-ME-WHAT-HAPPENED-TO-YOU-SMILING-DOWN-ON-ME?-THIS-GUY-IS-STANDING-WAY-TOO-CLOSE-TO-MY-BACK-SIDE! Oh, It's a good thing I love my kids!

So, anyhow, my lil dancer Weston was keeping any eye on Jessie :) wanting to dance so bad. He kept giving me the "look" know, the "Mommy, can I? Can I break out and start dancing right here in the parking lot in the middle of all these people?"  So I give him the "look" back, while shaking my head YES :) but he's not sure of himself, so he's just tapping his little foot to the music while looking on.

We finally made our way through the long line to meet the players & cheerleaders.........ahhh!!! (Sweet...Weston just walked in the room and said awww, that's me, while pointing to the screen ;) he just woke up.)

Hunter was grinning like a lil possum all the way home since he met the Colts cheerleaders.  Ya know, but he's not making a big deal out of it. Weston REALLY wasn't, he hid behind mommy the entire time. He didn't want them to even look at him. He was trying to crawl up the back of my shirt......that could have been embarrassing......seriously.

Does he look happy? :)

Tinsley even tried her hand out at rock climbing while we were there.  They had so much to do for the kids.  :)

We LOVE Blue :)


Liz @ Two Maids a Milking said...

No way!!! I was there too... Hopefully we can meet at the Indian's game!!

~Jamie~ said...

Ahh! Liz, that is awesome! I hope you had as much fun as we did! :) I hope I do get the chance to meet you at the game! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun outing. Glad I stopped by. I'll be following you..

Debra said...

The climbing wall looks fun!! :)

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Just joined TOS Crew today! HAving the best time getting to know everyone! Your kiddos are darling!:) Lori