Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hog wrasslin' anyone?

See this lil guy? I guess it could be a lil gal, well, my kiddos and a few others, got up close and personal with s/he and a few of it's buddies last night at the 2011 Orange County Hog Wrestling...event :)
These little guys weren't just muddy, they were greasy too! More fun for everyone involved. The night started out with the minis first and finished with the older kiddos wrapping it up. This was the first year my kids have ever tried it, but definitely won't be the last. They got hooked....those little piglets stole their hearts! They will be going back for more & more & more (and I'm so glad!!!!! I had just as much fun as they did!). My two year old wore his rubber boots hoping to get in on some muddin' (or is it?) himself.  He can't wait!  He kept saying "next year, I go get me a hog!"

Introducing the "TOUGH BUDDIES"   this is a BEFORE picture..........

and this is the "TOUGH BUDDIES" after picture ;)......

Yes.....they had fun!  Anyone wanna guess brought most of the mud out with him on his clothes :).... lovely...and our Pastor's son, Joe, is the one with the mud speckled all over his sweet little face.  Mav is the little "Dirt Magnet" and Benjamin is the "Beatles" fan. They all did such a great job!! Got the pig, grabbed it and took him/her through the gate within 2 minutes! Doubt I could have got the job done :) Here are a few more of the pig wranglers :)

I couldn't get Hunter to change his clothes afterwards, he wanted to walk around the fairgrounds in his muddy clothes and proudly display them :) It's the little things in life...they are only little once.

            Getting their names for the paper.....they are gonna be local celebrities! ;)

              Benjamin got pretty lucky! Only his is that possible???

           LOL.....he's making a face.....wonder what he's smelling?

                                   Just a lil mud on his face ;)

Had to get little brother in here too.....since he did wear his boots ;)

We can't forget the girls.  Last but not least are the beautiful 'Dogwood Divas'.

Aren't they soooo cute? :) Anna, Addie, Tinsley & Ashley, they have their "war paint" on, ready to tackle those piggies!

My beautiful Tinsley & the beautiful Walerczak girls, Allison, Natalie and Anna. Natalie (in yellow) participated with another team and they won the mini 4-H Hog Wrestling for their age division.

                  Getting their final instructions before the start.....the excitement is building! :)

Oh it's Donkey Kong!!!!! This is the AFTER pic of our lil Princesses "Dogwood Divas"....I think my lil darling got a mouthful of piggy poo :x.........:( mean, I know it was dirt + water = mud, but those little piggies were being chased and they were scared and that might = ????? never know...........Just sayin'

 Check us out world!

          Uh oh......Tinsley doesn't look so well on the end :( Luckily, it was a false alarm. Whew!

             Country clean-up........with the water hose, of course. ;)

We had such a great time......and the fair is just beginning!  :) Can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of the week!  A special thanks to the staff at the Orange County Extension Office, the board for the Orange County 4-H Fair, the Volunteers who helped throw this Hog Wrestling together, the people who let our kiddos 'wrestle' their piggies, the FANS who supported our kids, and the wonderful kids who got out there, jumped in that stinky mud and wrasseled those hogs! :) It was a huge success!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, totally awesome! Thanks for sharing! :D

Anna @ Sometimes On Tuesdays said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy your fair!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It looks like they had a ball! I love the county fair. Thanks for sharing the photos. They are priceless!.

I'm stopping by from the crew. Welcome! I'm also a new GFC follower.

Doreen said...

I just have one question.....did you burn the clothes or actually wash them? LOL It looks like they had a lot of fun! I'm now following you on GFC from the Crew!
God bless,