Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey Batter, Batter, Batter........Sw-ing!

A few weeks ago, I posted about an opportunity for one very special follower of mine and their guest(s) to get fired up about.  On July 19th, Indiana's Family of Farmers sent my family and so many others to Victory Field to watch the Indianapolis Indians battle the Charlotte Knights.

It was quite a trip for us considering we live 2 - 2.5 hours away (one way). But we had so much fun! My two year old is not fond of long car rides (I guess none of us really are) so as soon as we pull into the parking garage, he announces "Me want to go to my house, now." Um, sorry buddy, we just drove over 2 hours to get here...we're planning on staying a few minutes."

I got lots of pictures, mainly of my kids :) can't help it. I love 'em!  Did get some of the players too. Baseball is one of my favorite sports. I love, love, love playing it myself and going to a game is the next best thing.



Weston....keeping cool.


We had an amazing night, so thankful for the great food and fun times. I could have done without the long drive back home......(yawn). The kids got to sleep, so at least it was quiet time, no fighting over toys or food.  Looking forward to many more baseball trips with my kiddos in the future. 

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Kelly @ ThrivingWith5 said...

What great pics you got there at the game! My family had a great time too! I feel for ya on the drive! I should feel lucky we only had to drive about 30 or so minutes. The kids were exhausted when we got home!