Monday, October 4, 2010

Annual Grandstaff Ridge Roast

So this past weekend, we attended the Annual Grandstaff Ridge Roast.  My cousin, Temple and her husband, Brad, host this every year for family, friends and neighbors.  It's always on the 1st weekend in October and let me tell you, it could be 90 degrees the day prior to the Roast, but on the day of it......prepare to be chilled to the bone!  It never fails. 

Here I am with my three wonderful children!

The kids always look forward to the hay ride that Papaw Kippy throws together.  Here Weston is sitting in the drivers seat.  He <3's tractors! :) My lil country boy.

Great food - great friends - great moments with family!

My niece & her signature pose.

Weston digging in the sand....he brought half of the sandbox home with him!!

The 4 Amigos! (The shortest one being mine.)

Mi familia!

Our cousin Ryan even stopped by!

Momma & Kippy

Cornhole champs CHEATERS!!! ;)

 I've improved greatly on corn hole game since last year.  People actually didn't mind when they found out I was their partner this year!! (WOOT WOOT) Next year, I'm hoping to be the one collecting the loot, or half of it! ;)

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Anonymous said...

That event looks like so much fun and your family photos are priceless. I don't have a clue what cornhole means but I'm guessing it's a hoot to play. :)