Monday, October 10, 2011

Briner Springs

Today, the kids and I went on a nature walk.  We ended up at Briner Springs Cemetery.   I've been to this cemetery several times but never paid attention to the history behind it.

When George Briner (b. 1787) was living on his land near French Lick in the 1840's, he often told his friends and family that when he died he wanted to be buried on a hill that overlooked their property and surrounding regions. He loved the view from the top of that hill. In the mid 1850's George's wife, Mary Clements, died suddenly and she was buried there. Later on June 21, 1867, George passed away and was buried beside his wife with the beautiful view.

George Briner

George's grandson, John W. Briner and his wife, Eleanor, wanted to make certain that this remained a sacred burial ground forever. The surrounding area was now known as the "Briner Springs Area." George's son and John W. Briner's father was Joshua Briner. By this time he was more or less retired and living with his son, so it was up to John and Eleanor to take action.

John W. & Eleanor Briner

The cemetery is located on a high hill at Briner Springs, which was at one time a thriving rural community. The community had its own small general store. The earliest marked stone in the cemetery is that of Mary Briner, who died in 1858 and George who died in 1867. George was a son of Peter and Catherine Briner, natives of Pennsylvania, and early settlers east of Paoli. There are a number of small-unmarked stones in the cemetery. The cemetery is approximately one acre in size.

Mary Briner

This really is a very small cemetery.  I was saddened to see so many babies laid to rest there.

Infant son of John W. & Eleanor Briner

I also found entire families:

Rilla Briner

Joseph C. Briner

Joseph & Rilla's infant daughter.

Joseph & Rilla's infant son.


nanasdinky said...

Love it!!

Hannah's Wings said...

It's beautiful!!! Where is it exactly? My mom is obsessed with genealogy, I'm sure I've visited it before, but just can't remember.

~Jamie~ said...


Amanda, it's right around the corner from where you use to live! :D You know where my mom & Kippy live? Go up their driveway & right before you pass the gate, there is a small road that goes up the hill to the right. That is it! Hidden in plain sight. :)