Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arrr Matey! Yo Ho Ho!

Yesterday was "Talk like a Pirate Day". In our house, there are two little guys who like to take advantage of that. Pirates are the poo here --- know what I mean?  My boys both love dressing up in the MANY costumes they have.  It's not unusual for one of them to go into Wal-Mart with me wearing an army suit, superman, batman or spiderman costume.  I don't mind it, because they are only little once.  Plus they are so darn cute......how could I tell them no?

This year, their decision was made that they want to be Pirates for Halloween.  Both of them.  I've been on a mission to find two of the cutest pirate outfits ever since.  Mission complete!  They are being shipped here as I type. 

He is starting his pirate goatee, compliments of his sucker.

Our favorite librarian, Robin, told us last week that yesterday was "Talk like a Pirate Day".  She also told us to come back to the library to do some fun pirate crafts and goodies!  One of the main things I love about Melton Public Library is their amazing kids section.  I fell in love with it when we first went there.  Mrs. Robin is so good about having fun things for the kids to do.  She is such a bubbly person and the perfect librarian for children. She always has a big, beautiful smile on her face. 

Yesterday when we walked in, the two older kids greeted Mrs. Robin with an "Arrr Matey!", while Weston, hesistant all morning, finally growled out "Arrrrg!"  :) I had to laugh at him.  He was so bashful about it and this child is anything but bashful! 

Their finished treasure chests.

Craft time was a huge hit!  The kids were given a treasure chest to decorate.  They had such a fun time.  I helped Weston with the glue, and his gold stripes, and he took care of placing the jewels and coins on his chest. 

They also received a cute skull sucker to fit in with the pirate theme. The boys dived into their suckers without wasting any time, while Tinsley decided she only wanted to look at hers and save it.  I have a feeling if the boys find her hiding place, it will vanish.

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We love our library too- Can't wait to dress up my kids and they are 12,13 & 16 years old :)

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