Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

My children LOVE Halloween! It's a time to dress up as a favorite character and get CANDY! What kiddo wouldn't love that??  I remember as a child, the anticipation leading up to it, I couldn't wait either.  I would go around with my sister and brother to our neighbors and then we'd hop in the car and go to our grandparents houses, a great night for visiting.  My kids share the same except we skip the neighbors (I mean really......deer, turkey, coons, possums....they can't give away candy!) and we go straight to Nannie & Papaws and then onto the church Trunk or Treat for a fun filled evening.  I know some people aren't fond of Halloween and to each his own, I understand.  We are not celebrating evil, we are letting our kids be kids.  At least that is the way I see it. We had a great time and now.........whew! It's over!!! Yip-yip-yippie! Onto my favorite time of year, Thanksgiving!  But before we go there, here is a little recap of our dress up & get candy time. :)

We started by carving our pumpkin....not a good idea to wait til the last minute, I was lucky to get this dude......everyone was sold out! But, let me tell you, one was plenty!  I am still washing pumpkin 'goo' off my kitchen walls!  But they had fun!

Even my little guy (who is extremely picky about what is on his hands) got into it!

Not my favorite pumpkin face....but it was 3 against 1.  Pay no attention to the pumpkin being cross-eyed :/ Mommy was cutting free hand.

Now to introduce my little people.....
Miss Cleopatra.....minus the snakes!! She loves to pose :)

And in this corner we have Spiderman.....again....for the 4th year in a row! ;)
But this year, he added Batman's cape and his soccer shin guards (in case Spidey had to run & slide).

And last but not least, my little garden gnome! He was having nothing to do with the beard until he realized he was getting candy each time he put it on.

Forgot to mention we stopped by my FAVORITE Uncle & JB's house too - LOVE LOVE LOVE these people! I love this pic.....hard to get one of him but he was distracted. :)

One more for the road......

Little gnomes get hungry too....he paused very briefly to grab a bite.

A HUGE thank you to my Momma for helping me take the kids trick-or-treating!! I love you Momma!!!!


lou said...

Too cute! Love the costumes and the pumpkin :)

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, how cute is this post!! Somehow I missed it and I'm so glad I went to your blog because I've been thinking about you. So glad the kids had such a fun Halloween and your pumpkin carving skills rival Martha Stewart :) Hugs, Marla